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A documentary exposing the War on Coal and its devastating impact on coal country…revealing the truth about coal and Appalachia.


An industry under attack.

A region struggling to cope.

A way of life fading away.


For over a hundred years, Central Appalachia has revolved around the coal industry. Generations of brave souls have ventured deep underground, to keep their families fed and to keep America’s lights on. Coal mining is more than just a job…it’s a way of life.



But now, that way of life is threatened. Coal miners have become an endangered species. Economic factors combined with a relentless “war on coal” have all but destroyed the Appalachian coal industry. Tens of thousand of jobs have been lost. Communities are struggling to cope with widespread unemployment, diminishing tax revenue, and declining populations. The economic consequences have been severe. The future of Coal Country has never been more uncertain.




With so much focus on environmental issues surrounding coal, such as climate change and mountaintop removal, this documentary reveals the other side of the story…a story about a people and a region that are being left behind.